Szewrony rangi

A chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern that sits on the shoulder of the uniform within the military. It can be made of metal/rubber or fabric. Embroidered rank chevrons are widely used as identifying emblem or insignia in military or police uniforms to indicate rank or length of service.

 JIAN has more than 30-year experiences in producing custom Rank insignias/ Rank chevrons, Rank patches, police patches and military patches which are made from premium materials, which mean you’ll want to wear them proudly.
● Thread Type Options: Rayon thread, special thread (luminous/UV /metallic)
● Thread Colors: Choose from thread color chart or PMS number and no additional charge within 9 colors.
●Fabric Options: Twill, velvet, felt, reflective fabric or other special fabric
● Fabric Colors: Choose from color chart
● Backing:Various choices
● Border: Merrow, die cut, laser cut.
● Delivery: 3-7 days for samples, about 14 days for production.

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